We are a CMMS that provides the record of your field service operations into a digital format, giving you visibility and operational control 100% online and supported in the cloud.

Solution #1 for Field Service

Keep all your suppliers and contractors connected, through a web portal and your mobile.

Digital capture of information

  • Receive work orders instantly.
  • Report on services provided through customized digital reports.
  • Capture photographs and electronic signatures as evidence of the service provided.
  • Send automatic alerts of your services by Email, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Identify when and where each service report is made with geolocation

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Visibility and operational control

  • Visibility and operational control
  • Check the progress of projects and those responsible for the activities.
  • Filter and download the information you require previously captured in the field.
  • Identify the performance levels of the activities carried out in the field.
  • Make better decisions by knowing your KPIs with intelligent dashboards.

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Who can we help?

We are a complete suite of tools focused on field service, offering a variety of solutions that can be adapted to your needs.


Specific reports, personnel assignment, logs and location monitoring.


Real-time location of the technician, previous job history and equipment photographs.

HVAC / Refrigeration

Photographs of the installation process, signature of the person in charge, notes of the visit and preparation of the report.

Pest control

Staggered assignment of technicians to avoid overlapping. Complete reports with immediate delivery.

Electronic security

Coordinate large numbers of contractors, personnel, equipment, materials through our platform to carry out the management of projects and their progress.

Chimney repair

Obtain information instantly, simplify relevant report data for quality and reliability.

Users Review

The DABI tool is the best solution to view and receive the service reports generated by my field technicians. We value the support they give us because it makes our decision-making easier and generates operational savings.

Andy Chen


We are very satisfied with the service provided by DABI, despite having problems on other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, the DABI service reports continue to reach our email and that leaves us very calm.

Luis Flores

Field Service Director LATAM

With DABI, we have improved the quality of our maintenance services and communication between offices and service technicians distributed nationwide.

Héctor Lozano


With the generation of the customized digital reports that DABI designed for us, we eliminated the use of paper in the organization and improved the control of service tickets. The attention and service that DABI provides us is good.

Leonel Fonseca

Assistant Director of Services

Implementing DABI Mobile in the organization has brought us great benefits, the photographic evidence tool helps us to verify the work done and with DABI Portal has allowed us to perform analysis and make decisions, plus the platform is easy to handle.

José de Jesús Rodríguez

North Zone Regional Manager

The DABI Mobile solution has helped us to simplify the collection of reporting information, since the operators work in different cities. In addition, DABI Portal is adapted to our needs for a correct administrative process and good control, which is why I recommend it.

Lic. Paulina Issasi

General Administration

The DABI platform offers us a range of tools for the development of activities in more than 30 plants distributed throughout the country, providing quick solutions, as well as visibility and control of the various tasks that are done both in administrative offices and in the field through automatic reports.

Fernando Monrreal

Environmental Regulation Manager

DABI has allowed us to better respond to the needs of our clients, decreasing at least 50% of the previous time to perform many of these tasks. Their team has the best disposition to make adjustments, either in the app or the portal, making it easier for us to manage and adopt digital without stress.

Juan Takaki

Project Manager

Information at the moment, reliable, organized, detailed and understandable, is how I would describe the benefit of using DABI, since it helps us in decision making. Without leaving aside, the experience that the team has in digital transformation as well as their willingness and attention to our projects.

Ángel Cosio González

EIM - Implementation and Improvement Executive

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