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Frequently Asked Questions

CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is a software that facilitates asset management, maintenance scheduling and track work orders for field services that one company provides to another.

DABI is Data Acquisition Business Intelligence, a CMMS solution, focused on senior management that gives visibility and operational control through the generation of reports and dashboards customized to your business rules.

It is the application that allows your field staff to capture digital reports customized to your needs during the provision of services.

It is the web platform that allows decision-makers to view the reports generated through DABI Móvil, having access to the information generated in the field through dashboards updated in real time and backed up in the cloud.

It is the combination of processes and methods that we developed for real-time communication between your workforce in the field and your office, achieving an automatic linking of activities between mobile devices and a central web portal. It is customized with your business rules for the assignment of field personnel, fulfillment of their work plan and attention to emergencies. This optimizes your resources generating savings in time and costs of your operation.

No. DABI allows the sending of automatic reports to end users, while the administrative staff gives visibility of the work carried out. It is considered a maintenance management software (CMMS) to optimize technical and maintenance processes in the field.

The application can run on any Tablet or Smartphone, it is recommended in the case of tablets to have 16 Gb of internal storage and in the case of Smartphone, those with 2 Gb of RAM can be used. If your cell phone can use WhatsApp, it can use DABI

Yes. Our specialists coordinate with your technical team for an efficient integration of the platforms.

Unlimited, the application is designed to host the number of formats you require.

The information is the property of the company that uses DABI, therefore there is no backup on the users' mobile device, additionally, DABI has security protocols that you can learn about with our specialists.

Yes, for 15 calendar days you can use the DABI Demo at no cost. Download it here

Yes. The solution is built based on your business rules and operational needs.

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