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DABI is your all-in-one CMMS solution for field services management, giving your team visibility and operational control through the generation of reports and dashboards.

Solution #1 for Field Service

Keep all your suppliers and contractors connected, through a web portal and your mobile.

Man-hours saved

customized digital reports

% ROI for our clients

kg less in CO2 emissions

Our CMMS all-in-one field service management software allows you to grow your business services. Let modern tools improve your field technicians tasks and become an industry leader.


Manage your business with highly detailed information reports and make the right decisions.

Increase profitability

Guarantee a highly qualified service

Deliver your projects on time

Measure the productivity of your staff

Improve the reputation of your company n

Streamline your workflows.

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Connect your office and the field in one place

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Transform the way you manage your field services with one easy-to-use app

Record all the assets, equipment, locations and materials in your field service reports with the CMMS all-in-one solution in DABI MOBILE


Know the metadata of the location where your technicians performed a service report

Photographic evidence

Add unlimited photos of the work performed on your digital forms

Advanced digital signature

Collect the digital signatures of your clients with metadata included at the end of the service

Barcode / QR Scan

Create your smart report with quick capture of equipment ID number

Smart Forms

Streamline your operations workflow with the customized report format you need

Real time notifications

Receive your service reports immediately via email, SMS and WhatsApp

Take smarter business decisions with full operational visibility of your field technicians.

Implement Business Intelligence in your decision making, dispatch activities to your field staff and get real-time KPI reporting

Intelligence with mobility

View the captured reports wherever you are

Real time Decision making

Automate the management of notifications and processes

Scheduling and Dispatch

Facilitate OT assignment with our PCD® Methodology (Process Chain Dispatch)

Instantly updated KPI dashboard

Monitor the work done through interactive dashboards

Filters and dynamic searches

Export your customized data according to your business rules

Monitor metrics from one platform

Measure the performance of all your multi-site services

PCD® Methodology (Process Chain Dispatch)

Process Chain Dispatch

It is the combination of processes and methods that we developed for real-time communication between your workforce in the field and your office, achieving an automatic linking of activities between mobile devices and a central web portal. It is customized with your business rules for the assignment of field personnel, fulfillment of their work plan and attention to emergencies. This optimizes your resources generating savings in time and costs of your operation.

Integrates with your CRM & ERP

Your information processed and stored in the cloud

Protect the information captured during the services provided by your staff, to mitigate any risk of data leakage.

Who uses DABI?

Chief Executive Officer

Get the complete vision of your business through customized indicators and dashboards to guarantee high-impact decision making with up-to-date information.

Chief Operations Officer

Manage material and human resources (internal or external) and obtain customized of operation indicators to share with your clients.

Chief Security Officer

Receive instant event alerts to mitigate on-premises risks and protect your employees with customized apps and indicators.

Chief Maintenance Officer

Monitor your team's work from the moment you land new projects to the notification of completed tasks with photographic evidence, use of metadata and customized indicators.

Chief Service Officer

Deliver an excellent service with standardized metrics and complete the jobs according to the SLAs and enrich them with our customized tools.

Chief Quality Officer

Verify compliance with quality standards and / or company regulations as well as any alert of deviation from the service provided, through work reports.

Our Clients

Automate your operations to another level, streamline workflow and get your information instantly.

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